日 々 是 好 日

“It is the first Monday of the month, I’m going to visit it, who has, in a way, become a friend. It is five in the morning when I wake up. I had prepared my bag the day before, but I still check that I have all my equipment. I drink a glass of water, it is 5:20, I leave my house. I take the metro first, then a train, a second, a third, then a bus …

I still have to walk a good half an hour before arriving at my destination. From the parking lot, I climb the steps of the mountain. It is nine o’clock, I finally see the platform from where I take my photography.
I set up my tripod, put my 4×5 camera there, I dive under the focus cloth and prepare myself to shoot.

Here I am, again, ready to draw the portrait of Mount Fuji.”

Ymy Nigris | artist

Exhibition from April 14th to May 31st 2023

After spending years traveling in Australia, Berlin and Tokyo, Ymy Nigris’ artistic work reflects his life, a perpetual search for experimentation.
It was while living in Japan to study its arts and culture such as the tea ceremony and calligraphy that he found the basis of his work today, Zen.

His images assert themselves in the “here and now”, leaving room for error and accident. He seeks an image that is imperfect, ritualized, performative and imbued with wabi-sabi.
His photographic work is characterized by simplicity and rigor, both conceptually and formally.

Richard Petit | curator