During an introductory trip to the USA, I photographed cities following the foot steps of Walker Evans and Stephen Shore.

When it came to photographing Canet-en-Roussillon, one of the seaside resorts on the French Pyrenees-Orientales coast, I looked at the town the same way, which is a quest for discreet elegance but also questions about the world.

It is also about my relationship to these places that this work is based. Both places fascinate me, but they are totally foreign to me.

Jean-Claude Liehn | photographer


Exhibition December 17th to 19th 2021

“I am delighted to invite my friend Jean-Claude Liehn to exhibit his beautiful series about Canet en Roussillon facing pictures shot in the United States in the footprints of Stephen Shore and Walker Evans, a kind of “Paris – Texas” in Arles.”

Jean-Claude Liehn has been the very first artist I invited to exhibit at my place, which was not not yet a gallery, wasn’t yet called The Frozen Lake.

Richard Petit | curator