“My narrative idea is not really precise, I want to be surprised myself,” Myriam tells us, “as if I were in the dark, on a ghost train.” “Surprising destructuration, breaks brought together” writes Luc, a philosopher friend. It’s about searching for something partly erased, forgotten, like in a dream.

“I like my drawings, because I have the impression that someone else made them.” As a child, Myriam lived in nature, she was bored at school and drew constantly.

Exhibition April 15th to June 23rd 2022
What is it to honor? The Lamb lives in Bethany, where the Holy Family resided, it is also a hamlet next to Myriam. It is “The Place” she tells us (where it all started?), an imagined place, where Juliette, whom elsewhere we believe we saw as a child on a Polaroid, poses with Wladimir, a big white dog, on a work printed after a super 8 cinema film.

Stop film movement; like suspended ashes before they slowly fall to the ground, fragments of a story that is never fully elucidated.

Richard Petit / curator