རླུང་རྟ། LUNGTA


Following Alexandra David-Neel and vintage photography, I wanted to rediscover the wonder of the early days. In the footsteps of “Tintin in Tibet”, how could I find a photographic equivalent to Herge’s “ligne claire” (clear line)?

After ten years and four trips to these Himalayan countries whose values I ended up adopting, it was time to show this project.

Exhibition July 4th to August 31st 2022

It would not only be an exhibition but also a book. Not the millionth book on the Himalayas or Tibetan Buddhism, but an object. A strange and precious object, directly inspired by traditional Tibetan books. I set about editing it during the covid crisis. The planes were unfortunately grounded and I had contracted cancer.

I was in the hospital during the opening, it was my partner Marie-Claire who received the large audience (thanks to everyone)

Richard Petit | photographer & curator